Operation Windstorm

Hi All! A heartfelt thanks to those who showed up at Civic Center Plaza today to brave the winds and help distribute tax literature and speak to those who stopped at our outreach station. While we didn't get quite the crowd we hoped for, we did manage to distribute what I would estimate at around 300 pieces of literature. Jawj's quiz was taken by several folks and was fun and perfect for the occasion. Thanks, Michael (Edelstein), for the Ron Paul article on the income tax--I didn't get a chance to read it until afterwards (and indeed I had to chase my copy down when it was blown away), and it contained some thoughtful remarks about the tax. Thanks to Mike Denny and Denny for showing up early and helping with the initial setup of the station. Thanks to Starchild for the cartoon and flyer, not showing up too late, and not bringing the bullhorn (even though it killed him not to bring it). Thanks to Dan The Man, Jun, Winston, and Nate from
Golden Gate Liberty Revolution for schlepping out and working with us--let's do it again sometime! Thanks also to Marty and Company from Fair Tax for joining us and helping literally to hold down the fort.

A special thanks to Marcy, who was the moving force for the event from beginning to end and worked tirelessly for the last few weeks designing flyers, sending endless emails, making the arrangements with Park and Rec and the SFPD, organizing the insurance, chipping in a lot of her own money, and helping me with all the details necessary to actually make something happen. Marcy was also very helpful with trying to work out the touchy negotiations with Sally from the Tea Party. Thanks to Marcy for going that extra mile and her good horsesense, as always!


Hi Aubrey and All,

Yes, very rewarding to see our core activists willing to try something new. Any group moves forward only via the new, as the radical front in our group likes to say.

Highlight of my experience yesterday was my nice talk with the City Hall employee who was reading the flier and getting truly distressed about all the evaporating tax revenues. I did not have the heart to tell her that City taxes are taxes too. Also a highlight was Marty's confession that he is thoroughly disillusioned with both main political parties, and the more he learns about us, the more he is considering registering Libertarian. And let's not forget the living example of voluntarism personified by the stranger who stopped to help us set up the tent.

So our next tabling is? Aubrey, since you attended the GG Liberty meeting last night, I am wondering if you have more details on their anti drug war event in GG Park on Saturday (yes, I will post the info I have now on the LPSf website).


Thanks Marcy and Aubrey for organizing and doing most of the grunt work.

The Tea Party cousin of my former spouse was there and also told me he was going to start putting aside his involvement with the Republicans get involved with the San Mateo Libertarians. We are making progress.

Regarding the stranger who helped us setup, I'd call it more living the virtues of self-interest...to me it seemed he wanted a date with Marcy. Nothing wrong with that and you can't argue with his good taste.

Looking forward to your next communiqué.