Online inquiry

Thanks, Rob. You know, the Activists list doesn't get much traffic.
Why don't you just put Development Committee stuff on here instead of
having another list for people to join? Joining lists and remembering
which lists to send things to takes time and effort -- not too much,
but everything adds up.

  Besides the three things you listed, here are some ideas for
references to include in email inquiry responses:

-the ISIL flash animation
-Bureaucrash if the inquiry is a person under 30
-the national LP website
-link to a "register to vote" page (could be on LP site)
-link to a "join the LP" page (ditto)
-the recommended reading list we send out with the regular inquiries
(Is this list on our website? It should be.)
-invitation to next Activist Forum
-link to the ISIL pamphlet(s) matching the inquiry's area(s) of
interest, if we have that information
-a list of our local candidates and a way for the person to see whether
they live in these candidates' districts
-a request for the person to respond and let us know if he/she has any
suggestions, feedback, or complaints

  By the way, if you have a copy of the invitation you describe below,
could you send it to me?

Yours in liberty,
            <<< Starchild >>>

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From: "Rob Power" <>
Date: Thu Feb 5, 2004 8:52:32 PM US/Pacific
Subject: Re: [lpsf-activists] Online inquiry

Nope. I pretty just email people an invitation to:

1) Come to our next meeting / pizza social,
2) Join our Yahoo! Groups, and
3) Check out our web site.

But if you can come up with a suggested list of "first contact"
resources (the
Flash animation at ISIL is brilliant), I'll tack that onto the end of
standard template.

And we'll start having those regularly-scheduled DevCom "working
Real Soon Now, once my office move is done (hopefully March -- we're
moving 4 blocks, but you wouldn't imagine the IT drama of phones and
networking). Until then, let's keep collaborating via email for ideas
of what
we will do at those working meetings. It's okay to make those
here in lpsf-activists, but it would be even more helpful if you'd
also join
LPSF-DevCom and post your suggestions there.



Rob Power

Starchild said:

  I just got off the phone from speaking with Ben Casnocha, the
15-year-old who is profiled in this week's SF Weekly cover story
After reading the story, I thought he might be a good potential
Libertarian inquiry, so I looked him up in the directory and called
up, identifying myself as the LPSF Outreach Director.

  He said his company is not political (which I pretty much knew), and
that he himself is an independent. We only spoke for a couple minutes,
but he accepted my offer to send him some more information about the
and gave me his email address. He said he would prefer to get the info
via email.

  Do we have a standard email inquiry response that we send out? I
recall whether something like that was developed. I'm want to refer
to Bureaucrash and the ISIL flash animation, but if we have something
already created locally, I could use that and perhaps work the other
references in somewhere.

Yours in liberty,
            <<< Starchild >>>

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