One More Thing

Dear Brian,

As a candidate for office, it's pretty important to be able to build
some degree of consensus. I'm not sure your approach will be successful
in building a coalition that will add credibility to your campaign with
this list. Perhaps I'm wrong but it certainly won't with me.

Of course if you have time to spend debating your views without
considering the impact those views might have on the support you might
receive, that's your right and privilege. For me, I'm not running for my
check book. For the sake of the Libertarian Party I hope you find
support somewhere. It will be interesting to find how much money you
raise for your campaign. My mayoral campaign raised $10K. Let me know
how much your campaign raises.

Good luck on your campaign...we look forward to having all your
supporters join the LPSF and this list.

Chris, please notify us all of all the people joining the LPSF due to
Brian's contribution to this discussion. If he is speaking to the heart
of this organization, his contribution should be readily noticed.

Brian, if you raise more than $10K for your campaign, I'll write a $100
check to your campaign. If you raise $20K, I'll make it $200 and so on.

Thanks Brian

Michael Denny