"Once Fillmore Street Was Swing Street"

Great piece in the July 2013 New Fillmore newspaper about Bill Graham, Charles Sullivan, and how redevelopment destroyed the Fillmore (Western Addition). It's on page 11:


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Nice vignette, Starchild. Thanks for the post. Sounds like Graham had a lot more finesse in dealing with the powers that be than Sullivan; thus, we have a Bill Graham Auditorium, not a Sullivan Auditorium. Yet, "...In 1965 Sullivan launched Bill Graham in the concert business."

I loved the part about even the temple nearby supported the Fillmore Auditorium staying open! Because they knew venues like "The Fillmore" (as the auditorium was known), no less than Marcus Bookstore (the subject of another article on this publication), keep a neighborhood alive.

Oh sure, new businesses might come into the neighborhood after the devastation of redevelopment settles down. In Portuguese, we have a saying, "The donkey dies for the benefit of the vulture," to indicate that in nature things must die in order that other things might live. However, the Redevelopment Agency, and now Plan Bay Area, are hardly part of nature! They are deliberate tools of abominable gentrification of traditional neighborhoods.