On KALW "Your Legal Rights" show (91.7 FM)

I was on the air as a caller a few minutes ago and was allowed some good time on the air. The host of "Your Legal Rights" (Jeff Hayden) seems sympathetic to having alternative viewpoints, and even asked me to repeat Jo Jorgensen's name and website after I mentioned them!

  I'm not talking now, but was invited to remain on the line and might be brought back on to weigh in a bit more before the show is over in 15 minutes. He's got a couple guests on, professors whose names I didn't catch.They are talking about the legal situation with regard to whether Trump refuses to leave office if he loses in November, etc.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

If Trump refused to leave office, the new president would have him bodily removed.

Seems like a silly fear invented by Trump-hating leftists. There was the same hysteria about Nixon.

This is not a silly fear. In 2016 Trump said he would only accept the
result, "if I win". Now there is a real concern Trump might call it "Fake
News" is he is defeated.