OFF TOPIC - Hacker Cracker Systems Application Check From Secunia

Dear Everyone;

With the latest news about the latest hacker cracker malware bot evil types trying to takeover personal pc's getting passwords and creating bot networks you can't be too careful. You need to make certain you have the latest updates for protecting your various applications on your pc from intruders.Even with firewalls and virus detectors and spybot and windows defender and so on.

Secunia has a free application checker which will detect if your applications on your work and or home computer have the latest updates. If not they will provide a list of the applications and click through urls for updating your applications where available.

The system application check takes about 4 -5 minutes. Below the START button is a check off box for doing a throrough check which I recommend you use for a deep system check.

You may be surprised by the number of applications you thought were up to date but really weren't. Even high tech computer software types might be embarrassed by the ooops factor on their work and home computers.

Once completed you can subscribe to a service for update notices.

Please note just because you have automated updates on an applications does not mean they were actually done or properly installed. Do the application check it's free.

And yes hackers and crackers should be prosecuted for trepassing on the private property of my PC.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian