Occupy Golden Gate Bridge?

Their demands are all about compensation for Bridge District employees. But they don't tell you that as of2008 <http://www.marinij.com/data/ci_10314070?source=pkg>, "The Golden Gate Bridge District has a $164 million operating budget this year, of which about $100 million goes to salaries to pay its 825 employees."

That's an average of $121K per year in total compensation (not just salary, the article is imprecise).

If your blood pressure can take it, look up the benefits for public employees in your city: http://www.mercurynews.com/salaries/bay-area.

I went to page 10 of the data for Bridge District employees, which is employees #100 to #110 as sorted by total compensation. Three of the ten employees there are "Bus Operator", who gross $96K-$101K per year in salary and overtime (and about $148K/yr total benefits). On page 5, there are three more bus drivers, grossing $109K-$120K per year in wages (and around $162K fully loaded). The highest-grossing bus driver is among those on page 3, earning $133K/yr.

And the Bridge District is on the CalPERS "2.5% at 55" pension plan, meaning that they can retire at 55 with a pension of 2.5 percentage points of their highest year's salary (including overtime) for each year of work. So retiring at 65 with 30 years' work and final-year wages of $133K would yield a pension of $100K/yr. Indexed to inflation, of course.

Libertarians are in Favor of Free and Private Enterprise.

Is the Golden Gate Bridge a private enterprise and are we in favor of it.

I ask because I really do not know.

Sam Sloan