Obama's Ridiculous Idea of a "Medicare Exchange"

I had no idea that this crazy " idea of regulated insurance exchanges, on
which eligible individuals can use government subsidies to purchase
insurance coverage" was part of Obamacare. The New York Stock Exchange was
founded under a buttonwood tree in 1792 but it took two hundred years
before it became fully functional. Starting a "Medicare Exchange" is just a
crazy, ridiculous idea. Trust me: It will never work. Who would dare to
participate in such an exchange? What broker would risk his money to
venture into it? The Obama people must be idiots to think that this idea
could be brought to fruition. By the way, where did Obama get his stock
market experience or business experience from?

Sam Sloan

NEWS Flash:

Trading was down on the New York Medicare Exchange today, as a bunch of
girls demanding their third-term abortions and a bunch of children with
congenital birth defects seeking to prolong their lives a little longer
acquired their free coverage.

However, prices were expected to rebound tomorrow on the New York Medicare
Exchange, as a bunch of elderly people with terminal cancer die or commit
suicide thereby relieving the Medicare Brokers of the need to pay for their
health care.

I thought Obamacare called for government-run health insurance exchanges, while leaving Medicare as is. Whereas the Republican Ryancare calls for the government-run Medicare exchanges. But I could be wrong. I any event, I believe both plans have the clause about no banning members with pre-existing conditions like congenital disease. Very confusing!