Obama's Prayer

Hello all,

I'm certain many is saddened to know that Our Lord, The Obama, has been
reelected, as expected--the fix was in. Allah has spoken!

Still, we must practice paying homage to Our Lord, The Obama, as we
will be required to by Congressional mandates that Our Lord has signed
into Law, by reciting and chanting "Obama's Prayer" at least five times
each day, from now on and forever.

Obama's Prayer goes like this, which must be uttered with the utmost
reverence and conviction, else you will be considered a RACIST:

Obama is my Lord,
I shall always honor, cherish and obey Him.

Obama is good,
Obama will care for me,
Obama will provide for me,
I shall not need.

Obama is beneficent
Obama is omniscient,
Obama is omnipotent,
Obama is God,
God is Obama,

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.


I hope I was helpful.