Obama wants just another 4 billion dollars

Obama wants just another 4 billion dollars

Obama says, "Just give me another 4 billion dollars and that will solve the

Actually it will just make the problem worse. It will encourage more to
come here.

Obama says that all these kids are coming here to flee gang violence in
their home countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. We cannot
return them. We must keep them here to protect them.

What about the gangs right here in USA? Does not Obama know that the most
violent and dangerous gangs here in the USA are the El Salvadorian Gangs in
East Los Angeles. They kill more people per capita than any other gang in
the USA.

How does Obama not know if the teenaged boys coming across the boarder here
are not from those gangs in El Salvador and are coming here to rejoin their
compatriots in Los Angeles?

Sam Sloan