NYTimes.com: Varying Paths in a Wide Open G.O.P. Lineup

Here's the email I sent to reporters Michael Cooper and Michael Luo of the New York Times:

Shame on you for not mentioning Ron Paul in your article "Varying Paths in a Wide Open G.O.P. Lineup." The picture with the article tells the real story -- grassroots voters who are paying attention to the race are overwhelmingly for Ron Paul. He lags in official poll numbers because the establishment is against his campaign. Republican insiders are trying to marginalize him in debates and rig primary voting rules against him, while pro-establishement reporters and editors in the mainstream media try to pretend he isn't a top tier candidate, and conspicuously ignore his overwhelming popularity among people who are paying attention to the race, and the fact that his candidacy is surging. For shame. I'm glad at least your photographer had the integrity to tell it like it is.

  You can email the reporters at http://www.nytimes.com/gst/emailus.html .

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