NYTimes.com: Massachusetts Proposal Would Repeal Income Tax

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This NY Times article covers an interesting topic for Massachusetts voters - repealing their state income tax over 2 years. The last time around a similar measure got 45% of the vote. This time with the economy tanking and people needing the income they earn for themselves and their families it could very easily pass. Now if only California could do the same. A state constitutional amendment would require some 600,000 net qualified signatures to put a repeal of all taxes on the ballot. That is all taxes:income-corporate-property-sales. User fees for needed services could be charged at a direct cost basis. The article sub-headline about crippling state government leaves out the crippling of taxpayers wallets by the state government. Now it's turn around time!

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US | September 28, 2008
Massachusetts Proposal Would Repeal Income Tax
A ballot proposal to eliminate the state income tax could drastically alter — some would say cripple — state government in Massachusetts.