NYTimes.com: In Cramped and Costly Bay Area, Cries to Build, Baby, Build

I see what you mean, and I finally got to see you without your bikini on.

"Her chance to speak would be hours away, so she trekked around City Hall,
past bronze busts and wedding parties, in search of a quiet place to take a
lunch break. She was joined by a man whose legal name is Starchild.

Starchild is the sort of only-in-San Francisco character you end up making
friends with if you spend enough time at City Hall. He works nights as an
“erotic service provider.” Asked if this meant he was a prostitute, he
said, “‘Prostitute’ is O.K. as long as it’s said in a respectful way.”
Starchild spends his days campaigning for libertarian causes and running
doomed campaigns for office.
The two ate on a marble ledge and discussed police brutality, pretrial
detention and whether it was possible for an anarchist to be in favor of
soda taxes."