NRO: Marriage and the meaning of sex.]

I don't know about anyone else....but it seems like I've gotten more
wildly libertarian along with marriage and kids. Some of it is probably
due to my resentment about how many institutions attempt to circumvent
parents in an attempt to build their own relationships with the kids in
a way that excluded the parents. I just got through writing a letter to
Kaiser about how this doctor asked me to leave the room while he was
examining Max. He said he would call me right back into the room and
then he left me in the waiting room until the entire visit was done.
When I asked Max what he discussed with the doctor, he said the doctor
told him that it was confidential. I blew a fuse with that one. When I
discussed it with the doctor, he went on and on about how there are kids
who can't be honest with their parents in the room and how difficult it
is. To this I replied that it still isn't his job to exclude parents and
that if he wants to assume some senior responsibility for the kids then
he can start writing checks to cover his health, food, lodging and
education bills.