[NorCalLibertarians] Is there any central location that is comparing these initiatives? Not yet. Re: [SFBayCannabisCommunity] Re: MCLR 2016 [marijuana legalization measure] open for public input for 2 more days!

Thanks, Letitia. I started reading the MCLR text (whichever version the text posted on the site represents), and it is long. That's not a deal-breaker in and of itself, but does make me wary. Like the list of ingredients on a package of food, the longer an initiative's text, the more likely it will contain stuff that's not good for you!

  I realize my desire for a side-by-side comparison of the various measures at this point may be wishful thinking, given the amount of work involved and the "moving targets" issue you mention. Nevertheless it would be a real public service if one of the growing number of cannabis-related publications, journalists, or media outlets in this state whose job it logically is to investigate and report on such things, rolled up their sleeves and gave us such an analysis sooner rather than later. If we could see how these measures stack up before they are irrevocably out there in their final forms, we might be able to get positive changes made where needed, or at least get it on the record that the authors were made aware of the need for such changes and declined to make them.

  Do you know whether there's anyone in the SF area who has copies of Compassionate & Sensible Access Act petitions? I think you have pretty sound instincts on this stuff, and assuming I read it and it looks okay to me, I'm willing to collect some signatures for CSAA while waiting for the dust of these various efforts to settle. But I'd prefer to get some actual forms (and preferably a local contact to whom to deliver them) than deal with printing out (and mailing) the forms. Don't they have to be on larger than standard paper? I don't think my printer will accommodate that.

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