Next LPSF Meeting where again?

Hi Aubrey,

I just received the LPSF meetup notification indicating the next LPSF meetup is at the Main Library. Might be Starchild did not yet change the Meetup announcement, or I am dreaming that I thought the meeting would be at Mike Denny's home. I am volunteering as always to change the Yahoo Groups Announce List and the LPSF website blurb. Also, Facebook notifications will go out. So where for sure barring events beyond our control will the meeting be?


Hi Marcy! It will be at Michael Denny's house, for sure. I don't have the exact address; I just know it's somewhere in the Richmond around 34th & Cabrillo.

Hi Michael! What is your address?


P.S. It was a very interesting meeting tonight at the Ron Paul Meet-up. Lots of great discussion about The Man, of course, but also much of interest about the ideas connected with freedom and Libertarianism. I wish I could make our meetings as interesting.

Hi Aubrey,

Thank you. As soon as I get Mike's address I will start announcing. Folks have a tendency not to pay attention to changes sometimes, and need a lot of announcing

Thanks also for sharing about the Ron Paul Meetup. Yes! The positive energy in Dr Paul's supporters is awe inspiring. I was not involved this time around, but based on my attending a million RP Meetups in 2008, I came away thinking that those meetings were so terrific because they were focused on credible doables to achieve a credible result that would benefit the vast majority of people. I have always felt we (LPSF, Libertarians in general) are somewhat unfocused, never completely coming together in specific goals that have a wide appeal.

Sorry for the rant : - ]


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