Newsomecomer News!

A insider told me during a east coast visit the mayor came to the conclusion convention-ers were shying away from SF due to panhandlers and warned the brownshirts are gearing up to put an end to such freedom of speech.
During the Jordan era and his Matrix Plan it was agreed panhandling is protected as free speech, of which the pro-police mayor only enforced 'no panhandling' near ATMs as a safety measure. Many downtown banks hire THEIR OWN security around ATMs.
King Willie did not attempt to curtail panhandling.
Now this administration, in need of downtown/hotel fund raising capabilities (as the insider stated) is planning to add the term aggressive to freedom the freedom of speech behavior.

What a grand opportunity for the LP to editorialize freedom for the downtrodden.

To understand any drop in up and coming conventions, one must look to several factors: One the strike caused many to cancel their SF plans. Two: Other cities are competing in a major way. The south is rising as well as Vegas are on a major world wide campaign.
I expect a 15% hotel capacity room drop from out of state guest in the coming years. This will be offset by Bay Area Party Bus visitors, as the suburbs are so unwelcoming of intoxicated and sexual freedom fun. My administration will solicit the previous mentioned groups to offset any drop. Having the ear of the younger benefits politically and economically!

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