Newsom proposes increasing Rec & Park budget / Budget battle = chance to advance libertarian message

We really need to get a few people to go so we can put them in a roe and get our message accross.

I am a regular user of Delores Park,. While the park has improved considerably, it remains in very poor shape compared to times in the past. Sustainable finance is aan important part of sustainable parkes. The future financial structure is very precarious. At all levels of government the waste and fraud is astronomical. The primary driver of fraud is non competitive bidding. Giving the work to political supporters and cronies. The worst example is Haliburton in Iraq. The workers and managers of Haliburton receive far over market compensation due to the non competitive access to the people's money and resources.

Considerable more gaerdeners and landscapers could be hired to make our parkks really green if the opportunity to work in our parks was open up to the people who need jobs through a process of competive bidding. Not only would the parks be cleaner and greener, but more folks would have the opportunity to excel in the workforce and the people of the city would save financial resources for other essential needs.

Continuieng to hire city employees at significantly above market wages and benefits increses unemployment, decreases the maintenance of our parks, awards fat cat union bosses and thier politico buddies, drains the peoples resources needed for other essential services.

I respect the existing city workers and do not blame them for trying to maximize thier income, but let them earn a living like the rest of us do, with an open process of competive wages and performance. Why should a city gardener make multiples of what the rest of us could make as gardeners.

Throwing more money at the parks, of Muni, ofr other failing city institutions will not help until the citys management and cost structure look less like the US Army and more like the average familiy business.