Newsletter status, excom input requested


I'm just about done putting the newsletter together. It's still
possible to get it in folks' mailboxes before the election; if I
submit it to the online mailing system Tuesday night it's guaranteed
to be in the mail on Thursday, and in the past almost everyone has
gotten it the next day (a few funky addresses took longer).

The price to send a 4-page B&W flyer format mailing to 1,815
recipients (all of the registered Libertarians who voted in recent
elections) will be $958.32. I think we discussed more like $500. On
the other hand, I'm including the text that would have gone on the
postcards which were never sent out, and their combined budgets get
closer to the mark.

Thoughts? I'll go ahead and try to get the mailing submitted Tuesday
night unless I hear major objections due to time or money or whatever.



I think it may be worthwhile, even though that's a quarter of our bank