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    Israel has been threatening to bomb Iran's nuclear power facilities and the US just sold Israel 5000 smart bombs and 500 bunker buster bombs and more aircraft to deliver them. Iran has made it clear any Israeli attack will prompt Iran to retaliated with hundreds of missiles aimed at Israel's nuclear plant and cities. The whole thing could easily lead to regional and even worldwide nuclear war. See scenarios at
    The Neocons know they can't talk America into attacking Iran - but Israel can drag the U.S. in, even if an unwilling Kerry is elected. (Gosh, wouldn't it be great if LP candidates could address this looming disaster?)
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This group is for NEWS directly related to the coming Israel/US war on Iran, one which could lead to regional or even world nuclear war; STRATEGY to mobilize citizens and peace/antiwar, activist and third party movements against such war; ANNOUNCEMENTS of protests, actions, etc. It is moderated to keep messages down to 3-6 a day. The first two dozen messages present a good overview of the issue. Read daily to keep up on latest war news. Create a local activist group to work on the issue, if there is not one willing to do so. Members names will remain private.