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I have no idea how we should respond to the attached voicemail, other than
simply pleading poverty. :slight_smile:

Has anyone heard if Ron Paul is planning to run for the LP nomination? I
doubt he'd do it if he wants to keep his seat in Congress, but if he's ready
to retire, he can pull a Bob Dole and make one last shot at the Presidency
and may decide to do it as a Libertarian.

Sounds great to me, thanks Mike! If you call Edgar, please be sure to
invite him to come to our meetings and join our email lists.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Just had a good conversation with him. He's about 23 years old and a construction laborer in SOMA doing drywall and the like. Seems like a very nice guy. But he's not in SF on the weekends....lives in the town of Sonoma.

Given that he lives there does anyone have some leads for him in his town?

I recommended he join our group to stay in touch with the things we do during the well as participate in our lively banter. And I recommended he look into the Campaign for Liberty to keep in touch with local Ron Paul supporters. He seemed very sympathetic of the differentiation of Ron Paul's positions we discussed from the LP's on "marriage", "immigration" and more.

It was fun to talk to an eager young person trying to find their political way. He contacted us because he had a Libertarian result in a Nolan Quiz.

There you have it.


We didn't go there at all....I suggested that if he wanted to pursue that, as the RP campaign wasn't really entirely Libertarian on some personal freedom issues, the LPSF probably wouldn't support his idea...but certain members of the LP might.

I said the Campaign for Liberty Group might be a good source of support for such a thing.


Hi Patrick,

  Are you the current chair of the Sonoma County LP? We recently received a voicemail message from someone in Sonoma who's interested in the party (see thread below for details), and I wanted to pass along the info so you or whoever is currently active up there can contact him regarding local LP meetings and activism in your area.

  Please respond and let me know that you received this message, and let me know who the current Sonoma LP officers and/or active members are, and their contact info. Sadly, the state party has not been maintaining this kind of info on the state website as should be happening, and although there is supposedly a new northern vice-chair, I have not heard from him and do not have his contact info.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

P.S. - Please feel free to contact me any time at (415) 625-FREE if you want to talk about LP stuff or I can be of any assistance.
P.P.S. - Will you be attending the upcoming LPC convention in South Lake Tahoe, April 8-10? I will be running for an at-large seat on the state executive committee.