[NEW UNSEEN VIDEO] NYPD Chokehold Death : Eric Garner Chokehold Death - YouTube

Yes, John, freedom from government is only for elite libertarians.
Freedom for fee (?)

Bizarre, isn't it.

Hi Eric and All,

Wow. I did not know I was part of some elite. I thought I was just a poor slob working to pay the rent. Who knew!

I would like to share a childhood story that might be an urban legend, but since legends always have some truth behind them, here goes. At one time the city of my birth, Rio de Janeiro, was so filled with pickpockets and street thugs (the civilian kind), that the police gave up on arrests. Instead, they simply grabbed "law breakers" off the street and threw them form the top of Monte da Tijuca, a deep ravine in the center of the City. Some good citizens spoke out, cognizant that by a twist of fate, they might be next, but most saw it as a reasonable solution. The grand juries that decided not to indict Brown and Garner took my mind back to that story. Maybe the jurors themselves were victims of one too many a thug shoving them out of the way and walking out of the store with stolen merchandise.

The grand jury that voted not to indict the police officers that shot Brown and chocked Ganer were made up of regular civilians, some of them Black. The officers were not charged because a law going back to the Magna Carta was applied and the jury spoke. The jury's reason for their vote is the jury's reason for their vote. Who knows what it really was.

BTW, as an aside, I was doing some research on a possible topic for the LPSF Tax Day, and came across LEAP's website. I recommend checking it out. I especially liked the video of the "Real News" group of neighborhood activists discussing how they can work to make their neighborhoods safe and prosperous. They were not ranting (or throwing folks down deep ravines); they were taking positive action. http://www.leap.cc/



I am blaming him for
(1) breaking a law and
(2) resisting arrest.
He made decisions that set himself up for the altercation with police.

The law deserved to be broken. It is a stupid law. Garner was engaging in good ol' civil disobedience. Can't say the same for michael brown.

The second amendment of the US constitution prohibits government from depriving the people of the ability to assure their own safety, from individual criminals and and organized crime alike.
The security of a free state has different elements than the security of a police state, as it would be called since there have been police and soldiers are called police.