New Toastmasters group starting at GLBTQ center (August 18, 6pm)

This just in from the community center...

Toastmasters High Energy!

Be part of founding an LGBT group at The Center dedicated to helping each other be powerful public speakers. Join us Thursday Aug. 18th at 6PM for the "nuts and bolts" meeting here at The Center, selecting officers, a name for our new club, and our regular meeting time.

  I've been meaning to get involved in Toastmasters for a while, but they meet way downtown, while this is more in my neighborhood (1800 Market Street at Octavia). Also it might be nicer to get in on the start of a new group than to try to fit into an existing one. I don't think I'll be here for the initial meeting on August 18, but I would like to get involved. Anyone else interested?

Yours in liberty,
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P.S. - I think I may suggest "Queer Toast" as a group name.