New Survey: Castro Gays v “Blight” Calling for Libertarian (et al) Solutions

Real Live Public Activist “Mike” ( top right, but “far Left” ; RainBow HairDoo, a pleasant enough fellow to chat with ) is out on the 1700 Block of Castro Street, @Body 450 Castro St, this weekend fielding/recruiting Folks ( read: Libertarians with Real Common Sense Solutions ) to Publicly Post their Solutions for Every Member of the Public & Elected officials [ ie: @RafaelMandelman is Castro’s District ¿representative? OR rather marionette of special interest groups member of the @SFBos(ses) ; @AaronPeskin is the president of said corrupt af crony board ; & even imperial corporate marionette supreme Mayor @LondonBreed frequently strolls through the Castro ] to read & understand Publicly in a new survey that is getting a lot of attention on this popular strip of town.

This is not some rigged, contrived virtual survey pushed out by dubious anonymous sources to pigeon hole & polarize You ( or track & theoretically add to Your nebulous future social credit score in the clouds ); You can respond anonymously or with Your Name &/or Organization ( eg: ¿!¿ “@SanFranciscoLPto publicly brand & Promote Libertarian Solutions…!?! ). For that matter, @SanFranciscoLP should further take advantage of this unique opportunity & set up a table next to the survey white board & just personally & POLITELY engage passersby as well.


“Tell @AaronPeskin to cut Business/Property Owners taxes & Blight will disappear overnight” … because these struggling SF TaxPayers are already so crippled by such astronomically — if not peerless nationwide — taxes ( ie: brutal govt mafia bosses “THEFT” under threat of armed arrest & caging ), they can barely do anything, much less keep their properties — constantly exposed to graffitsts & vandals w/o any protection or enforcement by their TaxPayer funded @SFPD — pretty for the innumerate well heeled snoots who spend US$100.00 on HairDooz ).

  • mARTy