New SF Pride leadership makes Chelsea Manning honorary grand marshall for this year's SF Pride Parade

I don't think I ever reported this good news here from last month. After last year's debacle of the San Francisco Pride organization rescinding it's own committee's decision to honor the whistleblower and Army private, and subsequent protests and publicity, including the "Freedom Torch" events organized by Outright, there was a new reform-dominated board voted in by the organization's membership.

  At a meeting February 5, this new board made Chelsea Manning an honorary Grand Marshall for this year's Pride event happening at the end of June, publicly apologized to her for what happened last year, and also banned military recruiters from having booths at the festival, a somewhat related controversy that had bubbled up again during the past year.

  I was not at this board meeting, but attended a previous "town hall" type meeting where members of the community including myself reiterated our support for Chelsea Manning (I specifically said she should be honored at this year's festival) and opposition to military recruitment.

  A double win for freedom!

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Woo hoo....