New Meeting Place

Hello everyone.

I did a little research on meeting at the Main Library. They have
rooms that seat 15 people or 40 people. I think we had more than 15 at
on Saturday, but I'm not sure. Here is the calendar for the room that
seats 40:
It's available at 3 on December 9th. Here is the application to use
the room:
If it looks good to everyone I can fill out the application or Justin
can. I haven't actually gone to see the space but I'm sure it's quiet,
which is my main concern.

Emily Baratta

Hi Emily!

Terrific, thanks for checking. I read through their rules, and I think
the 40-person room can only be reserved once a year by any group. The
15-person rooms can be reserved once a month. Does that sound
familiar? There's plenty of availability for the 15-person rooms on
Saturday afternoons, but the library closes at 6pm and the meeting
rooms are required to be vacated 30 minutes prior to that time. The
rules mention a $25 "custodial fee" for "light refreshments", or $100
for "refreshments", and another $25 for "non-standard furniture
set-up". I would hope those only apply if we don't clean up after
ourselves. Did you find out any more details?

From the discussion on Saturday I'm really tempted by Milano's, since
it is a pretty big separate space. The manager at Cybelle's might even
be nice enough to direct people across the street.

We can make an ExCom decision about meeting location at any time, and
send a postcard to members (maybe $30 printing & postage).


I favor Milano's. There was some concern after Morey's scouting trip
about having to share the room, but attendance has been pretty good
lately, and Steve says that it's not usually booked on Saturdays outside
of soccer season anyway.

I have some reservations about using a government space for meeting; not
just personally, but also as a PR thing. If private organizations are
capable of building a healthy society, why are we forced to resort to a
government facility to meet? And those fees don't help, either; they're
almost certainly non-negotiable, and I would not be surprised if moving
the furniture ourselves violates a union contract.


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