New meeting place discussion

As much as I want to make inroads with the left, and as amusing as it would be to tell other Libertarians where we hold our meetings, I have to go with Derek on this one. But I vote we send the restaurant a polite letter expressing interest in meeting there in the future if they decide to change the name at some point. It's tempting to also suggest including the hint that we'd give them our business if they printed information on their menus about how millions of Chinese were killed by Mao's policies or made some similarly prominent attempt to accurately portray the historical record. However I think the chances of their refusing to publicly defame their namesake in such a manne are almost 100 percent. Unfortunately in the absence of such a disclaimer the restaurant's existence amounts to the promotion of a "kinder, gentler" image for Mao. It would be a shame in my opinion for the LP to help fund what amounts to a PR boost for the late murderous dictator.

Yours in liberty,
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Let's not forget that the Libertarian Party has its headquarters in
Washington, DC. I vote for Mao Zedong. Get to know our "enemies."

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I know the mao zedong restaurant, which is only a 1/2 block from my
house. I can't get over the name. Somehow if someone opened the adolf
hitler bratwurst emporium I don't think calling it "for fun" would be
much of an excuse. Mao zedong was a brutal homicidal maniac. Let's not
forget it.

I vote for the pizza place on sutter and post.

> Howdy,
> Okay, after not-so-long and not-so-hard research, I'd like to offer
> my top two choices for our next meeting location and see how y'all
> react. I only got a couple of concrete suggestions, but thanks to
> those who did respond. I'd like to lock on this by the weekend and
> publish it in the (already belated) newsletter.
> =====
> Clement St. between 19th & 20th
> This is very close to our old location (and even closer to my
> house!) and I've had a few events there myself. They have a cozy and

> attractive space for private events in the back and nice food at
> reasonable prices. If you can't tell from the name, it's a Chinese
> restaurant, not pizza. Oh, and about the name... It used to be called

> Chinese Harvest. When I stopped in this week I asked the owner why
> the name was changed and she said "just for fun". :slight_smile:
> Van Ness Ave. between Sutter & Post
> Thanks to Michael Edelstein for doing some footwork in this
> neighborhood. This is a more central location, accessible by more bus

> lines, though perhaps worse for parking. It also keeps with our pizza

> tradition while being cuter than Round Table. They don't have a
> separate space for private events, but they say they're fairly slow
> on Saturday afternoons and they're happy to turn the TV off while
> we're there. :slight_smile:
> =====
> Some other options I considered: The main library has decent
> conference rooms and is fairly central, but it has more rules and
> less service than a restaurant, besides (though consistent with)
> being tax-funded. Mao Zedong is right across the street from Bok Choy

> Garden, where David Goggin had one of his parties, so I stopped in
> there as well; Bok Choy has a separate room but it's not very nice,
> so if we're in the neighborhood I'd lean toward Mao Zedong myself.
> The Round Table we met at this month has an okay space but the video
> games were driving me batty. :slight_smile: Starchild made a case for the Mission

> without a specific location -- any place in particular we should
> consider?
> Cheers,
> Justin
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