New Iraq Violent Death Toll Released - 87,215

Dear All;

Don't you just love the way those tax dollars
were wisely spent.

A breaking news story just released shows
the tragic violent death toll in Iraq of 87,215.
Added to this are hospital reports and other
media reports which brings the total to some
110,000. The offical who released the report
estimated the actual figures to be 10 - 20%
higher becuase of those who are missing and
presumed dead or those buried without any
formal records made.

If the same number of deaths had occurred in
the US population wise the deaths would be
some 1.2 million. Topping this are the 2.5
million plus Iraqis who are refugees both in
and outside of Iraq which be the US equivalent
of some 26 million refugees.

Makes you proud to be a red-blooded flag
waving apple pie American don't it?

BTW: sorry about those missing WMD's
but if Saddam Hussein hadn't been so
kissy kissy with Osam bin Laden in
planning the WTC - hey what do you
expect - you reap what you sow - right?

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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But I thought the Bushmen assured us that these high numbers were only exaggerations of the 'liberal' media! BTW, allegations of torture carried out by the US government were too. Too bad for them memos with their signatures and now photographic evidence is being released.