New Hampshire city sues "Robin Hooders" for feeding parking meters

Once again Keene, New Hampshire, proves itself a hotbed of libertarian activism:

  This story is getting some widespread coverage, too!

   I even spontaneously caught a segment last night about it on NPR, and was amazed and delighted to realize they were interviewing Ian Freeman, author of the post linked above! Freeman, for those who don't know, is co-host of the terrific libertarian radio show Free Talk Live ( and a big booster of the Free State Project. Sorry I can't find that interview online (he did a terrific job of responding to the interviewer's questions), but there's plenty more at the link.

  This is something we could do locally in San Francisco too, btw. Some of the activists have already been doing this in other places:

  Parking meters and ticketing are out of control here. Anyone up for a local Robin Hood, or "Stop Robbin' The 'Hood!" campaign?

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