New Article on LPSF Website / Tabling


  You read between the lines (on my response to the Examiner)! I think
what you stated below is exactly what's going on, but I felt that
posing the possibility of there being two sets of editorial writers
might stand more chance of shaming them into taking better local

  I'm pretty sure I've talked about Adachi's civil liberties record as
why to support him for mayor, at the meetings and/or on the list, I
don't recall. Anyway, glad you're good with adding something about
that to the commentary.

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))

P.S. - Aubrey and I tabled for a couple hours in the Castro today.
There were lots of pedestrians about, but not that many people stopped
to chat or take literature. I'm increasingly of the opinion that we
ought to make our outreach tabling more multimedia by showing videos.
I think this would attract a lot more attention and do more to educate
members of the public with whom we interact. Richard Newell and I did
this some time ago at a school fair event in the Mission (he had a
laptop/speaker setup, as I recall), and I think it worked pretty well.
We just showed the ISIL "philosophy of liberty" video, but I think a
sampling of various short video clips could be best (e.g. "The
Government Can" song, which is a must-watch if you haven't already --

Hi Marcy & Starchild! I have just written and submitted a Letter to the Editor regarding their editorial on A. I was slightly bummed out that the tabling on Sunday was kind of lackluster, but reading the editorial and both of your comments got me going again. Your comments about "environmental gardens" and non-governmental schools not falling apart cracked me up! Had a hard time keeping my letter short and sweet--I wish I could be a "man of a few words" like Les when he writes his letters! Starchild, I called them "governmental school buildings," just for your benefit. Anyway, we'll see what comes of it. I may go back to the Comments section of the editorial and post a comment if I think of something original that hasn't been said already. We certainly have gotten a lot of mileage out of A. While A will obviously pass, I would be curious if our work has any effect at all.

Thanks for the laughs!

P.S. I voted on our website, and I really like how you presented our recommendations, Marcy. The perfect balance between all parties, as always!

Hi Aubrey,

That's great you wrote the LTE. Huuummm, both you and Starchild mentioned that the tabling was lackluster. These days it seems we need a lot more bells and whistles to get the attention of passers by than the flyers and brochures that worked just fine in the past. Starchild suggested videos (which was suggested for the Pride table, and Rob indicated the daylight prevented good viewing when this was tried before); and that might be something to try again. Or helium balloons, or trinket give-a-ways.

Glad you voted on the website. The more folks vote, the better we look, and the more traffic for the website.