New Article and Poll on LPSF Website

Dear All,

We have a new article and poll on the LPSF Website supporting Starchild's announcement of the upcoming monthly meeting of the SF Liberty Coalition (August 18, 7:00 pm, 50 Mason Social House,San Francisco;

Please visit our great website, and vote for or against whether you agree with the Animal Control and Welfare Commission's recommendation that The City control the sale of guppies and goldfish (I am not kidding, they have!).



Thanks, Marcy!

  As a reminder, I encourage everyone to join the SF Liberty Coaltion Meetup group to help build support for the events, if you haven't already --

  I've also created a poll on that site -- which San Francisco government policies do you think are causing the most suffering? Food for thought!

  And please help spread the word by telling friends, neighbors, and colleagues about our August 18th event and that SF Liberty Coalition happens at 50 Mason on the 3rd Thursday each month, 7-9pm. People don't need to be Libertarians to attend (although hopefully they'll be more disposed to lean that way after attending a few events!), and there's no charge to attend, so this is something that should be of interest to anyone who lives in the city or has an interest in how it is run. I've got a bunch of fliers made up which I hope to be receiving later this afternoon, in which case I will bring some to tomorrow's LPSF meeting.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))