New Article and New Poll on LPSF Website

Dear All,

New article and poll to refresh the LPSF website and hopefully bring in traffic.

BTW, the idea here is to keep the website new and topical. So, new articles are always welcome from those who have website access.



  Good job keeping the LPSF website topical and updated. The article
isn't quite as I would've written it, but considering the differing
opinions in our group, seems fair and balanced.

  Unfortunately, I can't vote in the poll, because none of the options
you included really reflect my views:

They are "the other", not good patriots, and must be stopped
Their complaints are legitimate, and I agree with their solutions
They are forcing us to confront some serious challenges, but their
solutions will bring more harm than good

  I wish you'd included something like, "Occupy's message includes many
statist elements that would do more harm than good, however they
deserve support for risking arrest and assault to stand up for our
right to demonstrate in public places 24/7 like Egyptians are doing in
Tahrir Square."

  Either that or included "None of the Above" or "Other" as a poll
response as I previously suggested.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Thank you. I did try to reflect what I felt was expressed on this list. Sorry you could not pick one alternative in the poll.



I did not vote for the same reason Starchild gave.

In addition I second Starchild's suggestion we refer to the movement
as "Occupy" rather than "Occupy Wall Street."

Warm regards, Michael


  I'm with you on the general sentiment, but I don't think it's
entirely accurate to say the Occupy movement "firmly reject(s)
violence". I'm sure many Occupiers do, perhaps even a large majority,
but at least at the Oakland camp there are also many who see violence
as a legitimate tactic. I'm pretty sure they are much less violence-
oriented than the typical government police department, however, and
that fact should be kept in perspective by anyone tempted to judge them.

Love & Liberty,
                                     ((( starchild )))