Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) Monthly Coalition Meeting [Thurs. May 10, 2007, 6-7:30pm, City Hall Rm. 034]>>, SF Taxpayers Union <sftaxpayersunion@...>
Thursday 6pm!


  Please include in this funding discussion the possibility of paying for park improvements and maintenance by cutting staff salaries and benefits. Too often these options are left off the table.

  It is unfair to ask the public to keep tightening their belts via increased taxes, bond measures, "assessment districts" (a fancy term for higher taxes), etc., while government employees tend to see their salaries and benefits rise year after year and are paid *more* (not less) than the market rate earned by people in the private sector.

  Government service should be just that -- a service. A sacrifice. Giving back to the community. Not enjoying a more lucrative package of salary and benefits than people outside government doing similar work. The role of "public servant" has morphed into one of "public master" or "entitled insider," and reform is desperately needed.

  I hope that when your group participates in this meeting, you will make an effort to see that the interests of THE PEOPLE are represented in this process for a change.

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  Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
      Steering Committee, SF Taxpayers Union