Neighborhood Parks Council meeting on Eastern Neighborhoods (Weds., 6-8pm, City Hall Rm. 201)

This wine and cheese event tomorrow evening (see below) might be a good one to show up at to remind people that redevelopment is supposed to be on the ballot to be voted on by the people of San Francisco. Lots of people don't trust the Redevelopment Agency not to impose their own unaccountable agenda and run roughshod over small businesses and homeowners as "blighted" the way they gutted the Western Addition neighborhood back in the '60s.

  Enough signatures were gathered to qualify the redevelopment issue for the ballot. But City Attorney Dennis Herrera made an absurd and anti-democratic ruling that each copy of the petition signed by voters to put the issue on the ballot had to have the entire 54-page Redevelopment Plan attached (like anyone was going to read that).

  The Supervisors and mayor get to put measures on the ballot without jumping through any of these hoops. I'll bet if the same standards were applied to stuff *they* want the voters to vote on, they would come up with a different ruling in a hurry.

  Hopefully some of us can make it down there to speak out against this travesty and not just let them go forward with this cozy little confab like everything is cool.

Love & Liberty,
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