Negative Stereotyping Of Migrants From A Ukiah Lady Who Claims To Run An ESL Program In SoCal

Dear All;

This is a youtube video done by a 30ish - 40ish woman whom I'm guessing is married with children based on comments she made. Whom she is I don't know but it got posted to Face Book.

She got upset after seeing a sign carried by a anti-immigration law protester in Phoenix on Saturday. I have seen the sign in other Face Book photos and can understand why she got upset. She does show the sign towards the end of the message and reads from it. Her thoughts and feelings are really shared by quite a few others across the country.

I'll try to get the copy of the picture of the poster and see if it works and maybe it might and maybe not. If you are on Face Book it might work.???

Yes there are people who really are upset over illegals and the whole immigration issue. And I do mean upset.

Rated R language. Should not be viewed by anyone under 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. LOL

Ron Getty


  We know from history that immigrants and other marginalized members of society are typically scapegoated during economic downturns. This was part of how Hitler and the Nazis came to power. The current hullaballoo in this country over "illegal immigration" was so entirely and sadly predictable.

  I watched the video; the poster she shows in the photo from the rally is quite over the top. I'd say it is more than likely the work of an agent provocateur seeking to make the immigrants' cause look bad.
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Aha!! The Hitler card, which is usually the last-ditch effort in any argument. But, seriously, This discussion is not brain surgery. We do have a serious challenge here. Folks are ready to shoot on both sides. Not a good thing. We need to focus on solutions that address both sides of the fight. Or as I said at the outset of this discussion, address the root cause of this unfortunate conflict -- government interference in the market that sorts out the bums (of any race or country including ours) from the hard workers (of any race or country including ours).

Now, to add more oil to this fire, and to show that there are two sides to this fight right here in our home town: Bay Area Patriots, infinitely more active and visible than we are, are desperately confronting this issue in real time (not just safely discussing it on e-mail lists), with their members being jeered and spat at, given they were rallying in liberal San Francisco, standing up for what they perceive as beleaguered Arizonians.

And, speaking of San Francisco. The reason Arizonians are beleaguered is because California saw the handwriting on the wall and built a fortress wall at its border, diverting the problem of illegal migration to the nearest outlet, Arizona.

Oh, I hope I did not just open another can of worms?