Negative Stereotyping Of Migrants From A Ukiah Lady Who Claims To Run An ESL Program In SoCal

I'm afraid I also must question the authenticity of this message. Any Ukiah schoolteacher worthy of holding that title who thinks she works for a "large southern California school district" needs to go back to school and take another geography course. In her first paragraph, she says she works for a southern California school district, but even I know that Ukiah is the county seat of Mendocino County, way the hell up north from San Francisco. Even a native-born U.S. Citizen like Ms. Gan appears to suffer from the unfortunate consequences of a poor public school (government) education.

Terry Floyd

Ukiah Unified HS does have a secretary named Grace Gan, with similar contact info, ggan@...,
but the Director of English Language Learners is a different person:

Harland Harrison

LOL! Thanks, Harland... three cheers for the Internet! :slight_smile:

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