Needed - Someone to give short pitch for the LPSF tomorrow night

I'm looking for someone to speak for a minute or two on behalf of the
Libertarian Party of San Francisco at tomorrow night's SF Liberty
Coalition event (7-9pm at 50 Mason Street); Marcy and Jawg both said
they will not be attending, and I left a message for Ron. It could be
as simple as pitching the group's website and meetings, perhaps
mentioning we're filing some ballot arguments, maybe say a bit about
why the LP is a good alternative to Democrats and Republicans, etc.

  Can someone volunteer to come do this?

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))


  Thank you for volunteering, but unfortunately our event was last night!

  It appears the message I sent (below) was not posted by Yahoo until
after midnight last night, which presumably led to your understandable
confusion about what I meant by "tomorrow", although I believe Aubrey
did mention during the recent LPSF meeting which you attended that
this would be happening on Thursday, and I also brought postcards to
that meeting which I urged everyone to take and distribute, which
clearly stated that the SF Liberty Coalition events are on the 3rd
Thursday evening each month.

  Hopefully you'll be able to join us next month, on September 15, from
7-9pm. [Note that due the bar being booked for a special event on that
date, this will NOT be happening at 50 Mason Social House as usual,
but at another location nearby in that neighborhood which the bar
owner will be helping me arrange.] Please join the Meetup group, if
you haven't already, at, and be
among the first to get the info as events are scheduled and updated,
as well as helping support this effort to expand our local engagement.

  I realize public speaking is not your forte, and for that reason did
not specifically ask you although you are an officer, but I do
nevertheless appreciate your offer and would like to be able to call
on you in a pinch if there is no one else able to present for the LPSF.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))