Need volunteers to gather signatures for Phil's Congressional nominating pet

I'll be your buddy if you want, Marcy. :wink:

Can we find a buddy for Chris?

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Me too feel like I need a plan. I dread and abhor door to door
canvassing, but the gosh darn thing works. There is no way I will go
by myself; but how about setting up a buddy system of some kind?


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> > Please reply if you're able to help collect signatures for Phil
> > between now and Friday, March 7.
> What is the plan? I might be able to help, depending on with what


> helping. If I’m in Phil’s district, which I’m not sure of;
I’m near the
> border, and someone with the reg database could tell me.
> Libertarian density is not sufficient for street-corner or


> canvassing. I would be willing to help with a well-defined plan

that I