Need volunteer Friday May 29


  Sounds good, see you there Friday. I do have some brochures, which I
will bring. I continue to strongly feel however that we need new
material -- especially stuff that focuses on local issues and ties
them in with a radical libertarian message.

   If you're driving, can you possibly pick up the large Nolan chart
posters from Michael that I got from Kelly and brought to my talk
tonight? Since he was getting a ride home, I gave them to him rather
than trying to carry them back on my bike.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I'll do my best to join you all. This is an interesting place. During
the Mayoral campaign they had a candidate debate. They were so
responsive to the Libertarian message all the other candidates mentioned
it to me. These are the young people we want to,
creative. My son Max is dating (I don't know what they call it now but
it is certainly more than "dating" as I knew it) a SOTA grad in the
Theater program at UCLA. She is a very accomplished young artist and a
tribute to the program despite its public school status.


Hi Starchild,

First, excellent talk, and addressing "lefties" too!! Thank you!

Secondly, yes, we do need more outreach material. However, the LP national stuff is sooooo expensive, and the ISIL stuff is to me maybe a little too removed from, as you say, local concerns. So, I will bring some titles and ideas to the next LPSF meeting and see if the members want to invest in some brochures.

Yes, I will pick up the Nolan chart from Michael tomorrow.