Need volunteer Friday May 29 [Libertarian Party of San Francisco: School Event]

Anyone available? I'm in Boston until the 7th.


  I'd be happy to do it. If someone else wants to come too, that would
be awesome. Especially if they happen to have a car!

  By the way, no one has responded about the large Nolan chart poster
and easel, so I'll ask here again if anyone knows who has those items
-- I'd like to use them for my talk at 6pm today if possible.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

This is the first message I had seen asking about the Nolan chart
poster. I'll check whether there have been any bounced messages on the
activists list.

I don't believe there is an LPSF-owned Nolan chart poster anymore. The
two-color one that Kelly Simpson made many years ago, taped to a
whiteboard, succumbed to water damage a couple of years ago, and we've
been using the full-color one I purchased for my Boston Outright booths
ever since. It too probably only has one more SF Pride left in it
before I need to buy a replacement. But the LPSF-owned easel is in my
patio storage closet. Unfortunately, I won't be back from Boston until
June 8.

We should probably purchase two or three posters from the Advocates, and
take them to Kinko's or some place similar to have them laminated. We
can keep one flat in a frame for when we use the easel, and keep the
others with different officers, rolled for easy transport to smaller
events like yours this evening.

For this evening, you may instead just want to print out handouts for
your talk from this page:

Starchild wrote:

Reminder: For those who wish to avoid a $10 charge for the vegan
dinner at 6 PM, please come at 6:45 for Starchild's talk, which is

It's tonight at the Red Vic, 1665 Haight, bet. Clayton and Cole. The N
Judah stops nearby.


I logged into the lpsf-activists group on the web, and I didn't see any
prior mention of you needing the poster tonight. Can you forward that
original message, so I can investigate why it didn't go out? I had
heard of widespread problems with Google Groups in the past week, but
this is the first I'd heard of Yahoo Group problems.


Starchild wrote:


I sent a message yesterday to lpsf-discuss. Although it got posted on
our yahoogroups page, it never got delivered as an email.

Warm regards, Michael

Okay, please be aware that at least one officer is not on lpsf-discuss
at all, and I myself have it set up for daily digest and tend to only
catch up with it on weekends if at all. Anything requiring an officer's
attention or action, especially in the short term, really ought to go to
lpsf-activists, which I believe all four of us tend to see at least daily. wrote: