NCCLG opposition to marriage rights

This is just an FYI for anyone who, like me, thought that the Northern
California Coalition for Limited Government was actually about limiting
government. It seems that it's more of a law-enforcement group. That's a
shame. An organization dedicated to limiting government power to
constitutional constraints (i.e., acknowledging that an unconstitutional law
should not be enforced) would realize that it would be more of a violation
of the Attorney General's Oath of Office to ignore the State's Constitution
in order to enforce an unconstitutional law.

It makes you wonder if these folks think the sodomy laws still on the books
in my home state of Tennessee should still be enforced, even though judge
after judge, all the way to the Supreme Court, has ruled them
unconstitutional. Just because the people or the legislative branch
stubbornly refuse to take an unconstitutional law off the books does not
mean that an Attorney General sworn, first and foremost, to uphold the
Constitution, is bound by his oath to enforce a law he knows is

It might be different if three judges hadn't already weighed in on the issue
and refused to stop the marriages.

By the way, what kind of dumbass thinks that quoting Scripture is the way to
make Bill Lockyer change his mind regarding his duty to the State
Constitution? I thought I'd left that sort of lunacy in the South years
ago. Who knew we had it here in Northern California?

Oh, well. One less list clogging my inbox...