NBC FSP Documentary: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of New Hampshire

NBC Boston made a documentary about the Free State Project. It’s creating a lot of buzz!

I highly recommend watching it, so you can see the status of the FSP, the best chance for liberty in our lifetime!

If you pay attention, you’ll see me!

Moving & Limiting One’s Life & Family’s opportunities to one of the smallest states in the Union which endures a BRUTAL Winter nearly 6 months of each year, in a good year, doesn’t sound at all like “the best opportunity for freedom in our lifetime” but rather another #USgovt SCAM – à la concentration camps for Japanese; reservations for Native Americans; even Nudists colonies ( with more inane contrived Nannie State Rules/Rulers than Naturists & Nudists enjoy simply independently going to beaches & regional parks Nude ) ; British-African or Russian-Siberian gulags; Inhumane subhuman Israeli ghettos for Palestinians; NZI camps for Jews et al.; & modern AA/Black urban ghettos with limited amenities — all completely siloed & quarantined away from sight & reach of the general population among whom Libertarians need to shed The Light & be The Salt of The Earth in order to advance Freedom Liberty & Justice FOR ALL. Note how the Pentagon & Kaiser ( military industrial complex & medical industrial complex ) don’t isolate their resources into one tiny jurisdiction, but are spread throughout the US to give their interests the greatest leverage & exposure to the general public. The fact that it is even “covered” in the corrupt polarizing divide&conquer #USgovt controlled corporatist media should set off all sorts of alarms from the outset for any thinking person educated in #USgovt & world history.