Nazi Tactics & The TSA

The introduction of so-called porno scanners at America's airports and the
egregious pat downs of airline travelers have turned every American into a
German Jew. Instead of dehumanizing and demeaning one segment of the
population in order to pave the way for the Holocaust, all airline travelers
are being treated like German Jews by our government for our own good

We are witnessing a great leap forward in the creation of an American
version of Nazism. What if the next terrorist attack - and I hope and pray
there is not one - is at a mall or on the Interstate Highway? Will the next
chapter in the fight against terrorism be porno scanners at all American
malls and roadblocks on all Interstate Highways?

What aggravates me too are these neocon swine who are constantly trying to regulate what everyone else does in their bedrooms, but have no problem with government perverts like the TSA scum pawing through people's shoes and underwear: and now taking porno shots of them and feeling them up right in public!

  Randi Rhodes made the best point yet: she said that what the whole fiasco really proves is that if you give someone a badge and a paycheck, they'll do anything against fellow-American's rights. Being forwarned is forearmed...remember that tyranny can come much more easily than most of us believe.

Oh Eric, without expletives like "neocon swine" or "TSA scum" I so much agree with you that given a paycheck (or other benefits) a lot of folks are OK with perpetrating tyranny. Heck, I make most of my living as a self employed payroll service provider, removing tons of hard-earned money from workers' paychecks. So, the TSA folks groping my privates need to pay kids' tuition, rent, mortgage, food, just like me. We need to go for the jugular of the policy makers in DC, in hopes that their penchant for crowding out the private market will diminish or cease. Ah, yes, the policy makers need to pay tuition etc. too....gets complicated.



Didn't Senator Obama campaign against Bush-era policies? Didn't Senator Obama and his supporters, Randi Rhodes being one of them, claim that "we are the ones we've been waiting for; we are the change that we seek"?

For the past two years, President Obama has had the political luxury of being president while his beloved progressive-wing of the Democrat party controls both houses of Congress, thus making him, arguably, the most powerful person in the world. Instead of dismantling TSA/Homeland Security, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have supported, verbally and financially, the government agencies and policies you describe as right-wing Nazi. In fact, earlier this week, President Obama defended these agencies by stating their actions are necessary, and Pelosi promised she will fly commercial in the future (but, of course, not now). Why no venom for the political party that has the power to shut down these 'right-wing' agencies, but, instead, perpetuates their existence?
I certainly agree with your dislike of neo-conservative laws, and there is no doubt in my mind that former-President Bush deserves credit for the implementation of TSA/Homeland Security. However, former senate-majority leader (D) Tom Daschle's only publicly-stated concern about the creation of these agencies was whether or not the workforce would be unionized. Daschle even had a catchy little phrase that he and top Democrats repeated frequently during the build-up of these government agencies: "First you unionize, then you nationalize!"

What I take from Daschle's mindset was that he, like Presidents Bush and Obama, had no problems with this increase in the size-and-scope of government and had no concerns for what TSA/Homeland Security would predictably become. By supporting the creation of these 'right-wing' agencies, Daschle knew he could manipulate this expansion of government to benefit his pocket, his vote tally, his party, and the Democrat party's ability to use these agencies as a kickback mechanism, all-the-while publicly decrying the influence of greed, corruption and self-interest in politics.

As a Libertarian, not a right-wing Libertarian or a progressive Libertarian or a Green-Libertarian or a Left Libertarian, I find it too easy, on any given day, at any given moment, to find serious faults with the actions and propositions of BOTH major parties, not one or the other. Is it really some right-wing prude's fault that prostitution is a crime in San Francisco? Is it really some right-wing knuckle-dragger's fault that marijuana is illegal in San Francisco? Is it really some neo-conservative brown-shirt's fault that San Francisco's City Hall pumps out volumes of laws that fleece the poor while touting fair trade? Is Dick Cheney really the mastermind behind the conspiracy that is pushing industries and jobs out of California? Is Dubya really forcing the TSA on Obama from the Crawford Ranch? Don't Democrats and Randi Rhodes-types who vote deserve some of the credit, at least half, for these problems?


Wow, Don, well said!!! It is interesting that focus is placed on the folks who are perceived as having started a mess, but scarce attention is placed on those perpetrating the mess!



  Yes, the Democrats do. In fact, Junior initially resisted creating the TSA but caved under pressure from Congressional Democrats because the former private security wasn't unionized.

  I was only pointing out Randi Rhodes because she and Tom Hartmann have been actively fighting TSA abuses. Other so-called 'progressives' (notably ones who also work for GE-owned MSNBC like Ed Scultze and Bill Press) are all in favor of TSA autocrats and their intrusive policies.

  I agree with you that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have capitulated completely to anything the Radical Right promotes. But it's still the Radical Right promoting them. The Right is far more dangerous and more powerful than the Left.