Nazi Hegemony Spreads

The Wall Street gangsters and their NATO mercenaries are already plotting to divide the spoils in Libya. The BBC reported that multinational oil cartels all seeking 'compensation' for their help in 'liberating' the Libyan people are already staking claims to the vast Libyan petroleum reserves.

  Qaddafi, who to his credit has given the imperialists a spirited fight, is due to become the next 'war criminal', tried under international laws from which the Bush Administration exempted American leadership. It was reported today that Qaddafi now has a multi-million dollar bounty on his head (wonder who put up the money?).

  Of course, the Nazi US news media has ignored NATO's own war crimes in Libya, and much of Qaddafi's alleged atrocities are seriously open to question. But he'll be hanged; just like Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, the Afghan Taliban, or any other of the 'New Hitlers' who stand in Corporate America's way.

Here's a specimen of the leaders of Libya's new regime, now duly installed by NATO bombs and bayonets:

Kafta Haftar: the kingpin of the Libyan opposition. Lived in Virginia on a CIA-owned property since the 1980s. Haftar is known to be on the CIA/Saudi Intelligence payroll.

Abdel Hakim al-Saydi; Salh al-Baryani & Sufyan ben-Kumu: all former al-Qaeda operatives captured in Pakistan and deported to Guantanamo in 2001. The CIA released them shortly before the 2008 elections and where they suddenly seemed to have become quite repentant and willing to work for US interests. Ben-Kumu, in an interview with the Murdoch-owned Nazi propaganda organ, the 'Wall Street Journal' commented on his willingness to redeem himself in the eyes of the American government for 'al-Qaeda's past mistakes'.

Finally, there was Abdel Fattar Younis, a former official of Qaddafi's who made international news by defecting to the rebels when NATO began its intervention. Younis encroached a little too much on corporate America's territory by demanding a leadership role for himself in the new government. He died under mysterious circumstances about three weeks ago, and the story has since disappeared from the news.

  None of this anything but an instant replay of US Corporate Imperialism in Panama, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.


  You seem to be under the impression that NATO is worse than the Gadhafi regime. I guess you disagree with the maxim that absolute power corrupts absolutely? I'm not aware of any NATO "bayonets" being involved in Libya. Was that just rhetorical exaggeration? How many "oil cartels" do you think there are, besides OPEC? What evidence do you have that they fix prices or otherwise act as cartels? I don't think that "Wall Street" is monolithic in the way that a single government is. It's a catch-phrase that encompasses a large number of competing interests.

  With the stark political divisions in this country, I think it's easy to get carried away in viewing the U.S. political and/or commercial establishments as the font of all evil. But I for one am glad that the Libyan revolution has apparently succeeded and the tyrant Gadhafi removed from power. Turnover is generally a good thing, as is foreign investment and trade.

Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))

Nice to see you back, Eric. Although I am not comfortable with the Nazi analogies, I feel strongly about the insanity of the U.S. dictating policy world wide. In other words, would it have been OK for Iraq or Libya to invade the U.S. when civil rights workers were hosed, shot, hunted by dogs? Or when Wacko went up in flames? Maybe the reason Ron Paul is being ignored by the lame street media is that he points out the cognitive dissonance inherent in our actions.



   Is NATO worse than Qaddafi?

   Well, Qaddafi never wiped out half the cities in Yugoslavia for the sake of building an oil pipeline. He didn't send mercenaries to Afghanistan to bomb civilians there and in neutral territories like Pakistan, with predator drones. He hasn't murdered millions of innocent people in Iraq or forced them under the yoke of foreign commercial interests. In the recent revolution, he did what any government would do in such a situation---he fought back. NATO blatantly exceeded their UN Mandate (which in itself was of questionable legality) and were responsible for more deaths there than his government was.

   Qaddafi also never did things like sending occupation troops into Bosnia or building 'missle shields' on the Russian border.

  Wall Street Cartels:

  This seems to a problem a lot of libertarians have: they assume that all business/commercial interests are inherently benevolent. In fact, a government is an incorporated entity just like most of the Wall Street Junta is. Corporations are, essently governments, and a corporative state---which is essentially our current form of government is a possibility. A truly free-enterprise system can't produce the monopolism and power-sharing that currently exists between Wall Street and Washington. In fact, Corporate America and the US government amount to the same thing.

Thanks Marcy. At a certain point, things get to the point where one can't sit on the sidelines any more LOL.

  What a lot of people don't know---also relative to our foreign policy---is that in 2002, Junior and Cheney unilaterally withdrew the United States from all international conventions on war crimes: IOW, US leaders and mercenaries have immunity from the same 'war crimes' for which they've tried the leaders of other countries.

  As for the 'Nazi' label; true our leaders don't goosestep around with swastika armbands (although they do in paramilitary outfits);or declaim against the Jews (although they do against Hispanics and Moslems); or wage imperialistic wars for ethnic cleansing (although they do wage such wars for economic cleansing). Other than that, though, it would be difficult to see how either our foreign or domestic policies and the Third Reich's differ very much.