Naturalization meetings...

Hi Alex. It was good to meet you last weekend. I'm copying our core
activists lists about this news. You're absolutely right.
Naturalization ceremonies will no longer be held in San Francisco and
have been moved to Oakland's Paramount Theater:

This actually poses two problems for LPSF. One, it's harder for some of
our past volunteers (like Phil) to get to things outside the city. Two,
Oakland isn't in LPSF's service area. I'm sure Alameda County's LP
would be thrilled to have San Franciscans help with outreach in their
county (just as they always send volunteers to our gay pride booth and
parade contingent in San Francisco), but it's now really their event to
organize and manage. So, I'm also copying them on this message, so we
can figure out the best transition.

Finally, Alex, did you pay your dues at or at ? Unfortunately, national and state memberships are
no longer unified, so it's two different membership fees. (State and
county memberships still ARE unified, so if you paid at, then you are a member in good standing of LPSF.)

Thanks for finding this info about the naturalization ceremonies
moving. I'm certain that Curt at LPAC has more than enough booth
materials available for this Naturalization Ceremony voter registration
and outreach booth, but if you decide that you need any of our LPSF
materials, please don't hesitate to ask. I have one of these
in a plastic frame that lets us use little foil star stickers to show
where people score on the quiz, and easily remove those stars for the
next event.


Alexander M. Dunn wrote: