Naturalization ceremony tomorrow

I wouldn't even be surprised if Senator Feinstein herself shows up. Perhaps a sign or two about her gun-grabbing hypocrisy would be in order, e.g. "Feinstein carries a gun, but she doesn't want you to have that right," or about her support for the Patriot Act:

"At last week's Senate hearing, Joe Biden of Delaware didn't have to say that 'the tide of criticism' being directed against the Patriot Act 'is both misinformed and overblown,' that 'I stand by my support' of that law, and that the Ashcroft Justice Department has "done a pretty good job in terms of implementing" the law's provisions. But Biden did say all these things, anyway. And California's Dianne Feinstein went further still, in a stern and lengthy lecture about the concrete reality of U.S. anti-terrorism law--as opposed to the paranoiac fantasy version now being circulated throughout the land by the likes of Bob Barr and Howard Dean. How's about we concentrate on some facts,
Feinstein suggested."

-From the obviously pro-Patriot Act conservative rag The Weekly Standard,

  Even if she doesn't show up, as the patron saint of SFSOS I'm sure she'll be mentioned in the press conference or perhaps have someone from her office present.

Yours in liberty,
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