National voting privileges (RE: Dues Confusion)

Richard Newell wrote:

M Carling points out another important exception to me: dues are
not required for national voting priveleges (nor were they
before). A minor change is that some offices that used to
require a national dues-paying membership status, such as
running for President, LNC, and etc. no longer do anymore.

Really? Then what are "national voting privileges"? My
understanding is that, according to the national bylaws, the
national party uses dues-paying members as the basis for
calculating the number of delegates each state party would get to
send to the national convention. I assume that both before and
after the present dues changes, the state party gets to choose its
delegates from among its own members. So is M Carling's point just
that it was possible for the state party to send someone as a
delegate who was not a dues-paying member of the national party,
or is there more to it?


P.S. I'm wondering whether this flurry of messages is too much for
lpsf-discuss; but I suppose it is important information.