My YouTube political debut?

At a cannabis community meeting yesterday, I was told by one of the activists that she had videotaped a bunch of the speakers at the February 14 rally against the state ID card fee (tax) increase outside SF General Hospital and put them on YouTube, including me. She also said that my segment has gotten the most views (35) of all those she put up, including the Green Party's Krissy Keefer. 8) The quality of the tape leaves something to be desired, and it unfortunately gets cut off just as I'm getting warmed up talking about the LP. Not that I think I was in top form anyway; it was a rather raucous crowd, and many of us had been enjoying the focus of our activist efforts. But YouTube is a terrific outreach resource that it'd be nice to try to use more often. Thanks, Denise!

Love & liberty,
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Another great clip! It's unfortunate that the segment is "clipped" too
early, but what ended up being posted is pretty good stuff all by itself.