My Libertarian OP/ED Is Published in the Thursday SF Examiner

Dear Everyone;
  Todays SF Examiner published my California Libertarian Party Writers Bureau OP/ED on the minimum wage issue.
  The OP/ED was the result of some LTE's I wrote which were published in the SF Examiner. I was asked to try my hand at article writing for the California State Libertarian Party Writers Bureau. Some trial articles were submitted to test the waters.
  The minimum wage article has also been posted to the main web site of the California Libertarian Party under California Perspectives.

  In addition, my bio and picture have been posted on the web site as well:

  I would like to extend a gracious and grateful thank you to Richard Newell, At-Large Representative and Jackie Estrada LP Editor for their expert editorial assistance in shaping the article up for publication.
  The article was e-mailed to some 2,000 people on the Cal Lib list in high hopes they will pick it up for publication in their respective publications as the SF Examiner did.
  As always the toughest part of these on-going California Perspective articles for all the authors is presenting Libertarian principles and philosophies but not using the " L " word itself.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian