My letter published by

They (or possibly I) left out a word in the first sentence, which I've added in parenthesis. If I'd known they were going to publish it I would have specifically used the word libertarian, but I'm still happy with the letter overall.

  By the way, Joefire is put out by this guy Eric Thomas who made an excellent comment at the Board hearing on eminent domain and 701 Lombard. I didn't make this connection right away, because when I met him in person he was for some reason very secretive about what he does. I think he doesn't want too many people to know who is running the Joefire site because he doesn't want people to figure out who is behind it -- my best guess based on site content and his comments is that the backer(s) are Gavin Newsom and/or someone supporting Gavin's campaign.

Yours in liberty,
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